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Category:Indian comedy films Category:Indian action films Category:2000s Hindi-language films Category:Indian films Category:2003 films Category:2000s action comedy films Category:2000s comedy-drama films Category:2000s adventure comedy films Category:Films about corruption in India Category:Films directed by Rajkumar Hirani Category:Films set in Mumbai Category:Films shot in Mumbai Category:Films shot in Hyderabad, India Category:Films scored by Sandeep Chowta Category:Films scored by Amar Mohile Category:Films scored by Hitesh Sonik Category:Films scored by Sanjay Leela Bhansali Category:Indian remakes of American films Category:Hindi-language filmsQ: "pending" versus "awaiting" review of a paper We are currently revising a journal paper. It is in the "pending" phase, which is defined as follows: "pending" means that the paper has been approved for possible publication, and the publisher has requested that the paper undergo one or more rounds of revision. We are now in the third revision cycle and the paper has been pending for over a year, which means that we should have the final version for publication before the end of this month (Apr 2011). The thing is, when we talk to our colleagues (postdocs, graduate students and even the PI), we usually say that the paper is "awaiting review", which means that the paper is currently in the stage of having reviewers for a possible publication. We know there are two meanings for the term "pending". However, we wonder whether the meaning that we use for "awaiting review" is the usual meaning for the word "pending" and we should use "awaiting review" to say that the paper is in the "pending" phase, and "awaiting publication" if we are using the usual meaning for the word "pending". A: Yes, there are two different definitions of pending in your context. Pending for review (in press) and pending for publication (otherwise, i.e. under consideration of publication) are two different things. I would simply say The paper is in the final review/copyedit stage. In case of a conference submission, that would mean the final copyedit

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!NEW! Download The Munnabhai MBBS Movie 720p

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